Final Chapter

The exchange, migration, and evolution of technology, ideas, and people

From the past to present day, time passed, people change and many events happen. If we look back we will see that many things happen and change until today. And if there’s no event happen at that time we wouldn’t have a land in the present day.

When you look at this picture what do you feel? The picture compares the past and present day together.

The New World

It begins in the 14th century to the early 17th century. It’s started when Europeans began to explore the world. Marco Polo makes sea route to Asia on Silk Road until he reached China and traveled the whole of China, he brought back spices and good. After that people wanted more spices and tobacco for China’s good. So that brought Economic Opportunity and Religious Freedom to the European. It took him twenty-four years before he got back home.


Related image

Then after that age of exploration began the Europeans began to explore the world and people began to migrate. America, the land of immigration, where everybody moved in from the various country. Everyone on that land was immigrants, except for the indigenous people of the New World, the Native Americans. They think that after they move to the new world they will have a more economic opportunity and wanted to have freedom of the religion. So when people started to move to the new world there are thirteen English colonies that settle in the new world, which is Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. This colonies form together and create a United State.

Columbian exchange

Image result for columbian exchange
They exchange good and foods to there own land.

Durning the time that thirteen colonies settle in the new world the Columbian exchange begins. They exchange animals, plants, human population, culture, technology, communicable disease, To honest, the New World happened to be much a healthier place than the Old World before because it has a fewer disease that makes populations of Europe, Africa, and Asia get it. So in that time, they exchange things that their land doesn’t have. At also at the same times, the Slave from Africa was captured and taken away, and get shipped to America and was called as traded to Africa. If I’m the slave I would feel like it’s unfair, you are a people who born in the same earth but need to be a “thing” for people to buy and transport you to the other. 

Indian Fever

First, when the Europeans first came to the New World, they brought a germ and killed lots of people. It’s also killed the Indians who didn’t even see the white people because the Indians take the germ and so the other Indian got the disease and these called the “Indian fever.” If you’re some person in that time and you know that the Europeans will bring the disease in and kill many people I wouldn’t let them in and go back to there own country and heal first. And look in the present day this won’t happen because we all have a good education, so people will know how to prevent this disease to keep people safe.


James Town is joint venture called the Virginia Company founded the first permanent English settlement in North America on the banks of the James River. In the periods of peace, tobacco became Virginia’s first profitable export. After that Jamestown expanded from the area around the original James Fort into a New Town built to the east and remained the Virginia colony as the capital until 1699. 

Image result for jamestown
This is Jamestown when they come back and saw nobody in the land.

The colonies faced many hardships the First Newport went back to England with two ships and 40 crew members to give a report to the king and to take more supplies and colonists. They also face a bad problem, the weather is getting too hot so the land is too dry so it affects crop to grow slow and start to starve little by little. Also, there is no fresh water for them to drink. And the swampy areas have a lot of mosquitoes, contributed to the spread of deadly diseases. After 8 months only 34 from the first 104 people alive. And also the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery, carrying 105 passengers, one of whom died during the voyage, departed from England in December 1606 and reached the Virginia coast in late April 1607.

The Different Between the natives and colonists

The Native Americans or (Indigenous people) and the colonists were Cultural dissonance. The Native believed that the land was shared by everyone and not one person could own it as the colonists did. Also, the Native American had an animistic religion, they which animals had godlike qualities but colonists were mostly Christian and monotheistic. African slaves were separated very far from Africa, so they forgot their cultures and faced cultural genocide. I see a lot different thing about the native and colonist, the colonist thinks that they are the biggest and can control a land like the way they wanted to but for me, it’s not ok if they think they are biggest and can control the land how they wanted to, because they might don’t know what to do. But in the present day, we already get rid of this problem people vote for the one who will take care of the country and try very best to improve the country.

Slave Trade

Image result for slave trade

Britain became the world’s leading slave trading power in the middle passage. It’s estimated that British ships were responsible for the forced transportation of at least 2-3 million Africans in that century. The starting of the slave trade is when the Portuguese first sailed down the Atlantic African coast in the 1430s, they were interested in one thing “gold”. And in 1500, they had already traded 81,000 Africans to Europe, nearby Atlantic islands, and to Muslim merchants in Africa. 

There is two type of slave the first one is the field slaves and second are house slaves. The one that is house slave is not too tired because their take care of the owner of the house but the field slaves needs to work from sunrise to sunset and have only fifty-minute break per day. And maybe there are Reservations of slaves who you want them to work with. To me, if I were a slave I’ll choose to be a house slave rather than the farm slave because house slave only takes care of the owner of the house and cook and clean the house for them but the farm slave works a lot harder than because they need to farm. But if in the present day the slave right now may focus on the maid or the work that work in our house. 

Not long after the European had settled in the New World. The United States took in roughly 24 million immigrants. This increase in immigration to historical changes.Related image (Native culture, religion, custom, weapons everything about them started to change.) The weapons that they use to hunt animal changes from wood to a rifle or gun. When the new weapons were invented it makes the wars stronger and more powerful. And also there is the native speaker who doesn’t speak English, but the Christian joined the colonies so they teach them how to speak English and the native languages were forgotten at the end. In my opinion, this isn’t a good thing to happen in the country because they may destroy the culture of your own country and everyone gonna forgets what happened before, and if you have a kid don’t you want them to see what culture did you grow up with and follow the same culture as you. 

In this day they may still have the country that trade slave it’s was very illegal right now is they got caught it’s would be a serious problem because right now everyone is equal now one is lower than the other we respect each other.

Evolution Idea

Image result for slave trade

When the African or the slave notice that slavery is wrong and not fair for them because they can’t do what they want and the white sell them like thing in the market and hurt them like they are not a human so this started the civil war. This war were made to redress the inequities of slavery and its political, social, and economic legacy and to solve the problems arising from the readmission to the Union of the 11 states that had seceded at or before the outbreak of war. So slavery starts to fight for they own freedom. Then there’s a man William Lloyd Garrison he is the one who believes in the equality of the races and the ability of free African Americans to fit into white society help and fight together with the slavery so at last they win and have their own freedom. In the present day, the black people are equal to the white they have their own opportunity to choose what they wanted to do and some black people now have a better job and better education and become richer than the white as well.


  • can’t sit in front of the bus
  • can’t go to the same school as the white kid
  • The restaurant needs to separate zone
  • Can’t be friends with the white people
  • Can’t marry the white family


In the present, these rules are all gone we don’t can’t anymore every people are equal and they can live together and be friends, happy life.

The Rise of Technology

Related image

Can you imagine if they were no factory in the past? There pro and cons about Industrialization revolution. Industrialization leads Urbanization to the economic growth and job opportunity to the worker and to the country. Industrialization began in the 1700s when factory start to build and people started to move into town and create a big city, Urban growth also increase more populations many babies were born in the town, lesser people who die. The worker started to learn how to use the machine, but don’t you guys know that factory uses a lot of natural resources so that created pollution, global warming. In the present day, there are a lot of factories so that make country can trade or sell the thing to the other country and improve the economic growth of the country.


First, the powerful countries began the Age of Imperialism. Powerful countries became greedy for power, so they began to do everything to gain more power, they takeaways thing from the weaker country oil or forest product. They take over the country by using soldier or money. The Europeans’ imperialism mission was known as the “White Man’s Burden.” The nation didn’t only expand for wealth, They expanded religion by sending missionaries to the Christianize during the Scramble for Africa, they do this because to gain a lot more profit and the economy will be better. The imperialism occurred most heavily in Africa, Latin America, SE Asia, and Pacific Islands. 

Negative and Positive Effect

  • Positive: Building, hospital, and school were built. Education and prosperity were up.
  • Negative: They were put to work as cheap labor. They had no freedom, had to do what the mother country said.

My opinion with the imperialism because they can help some of the countries that the economy wasn’t very good so that after they take over they will build school and hospital so that they would have a better life. But I also understand the feeling of the weaker country because the cultures that they have been doing for a very long time would fade away because when the missionaries Christianized.

WWI (World War 1)

World war 1 was known as First World War and or the Great War and the War to End All Wars it’s lasting from 1914-1919. The war was fought by the Allies on one side, they and the Central Powers on the other. Most of the battles were in Europe, and the war involved trench warfare and chemical warfare. This also makes more than 9 million people died on the battlefield. At that time period, many countries grew stronger and start militarization and create better equipment to fight for there land, like Submarines, Tanks, Planes, Blimps, Machine guns and Gas masks. These weapons help them win the wars and save there own land. But WWI isn’t a good thing we born as human we should know how to share and love each other like a quote “sharing is caring” mean that if you share thing with other you will know how to love other people and take care them.



As you see many events happen in the past and it’s changed our world until now. And we see many things that improve our world, so if there’s no event that happens our world our world wouldn’t be this awesome. No Past, No Present and we aren’t going to know what happens next. At last, the thing that we use in every day also updates to the newest version. Example “Phone, Washing machine, Computer, Radio and thing to transport.” I wanted to know that how will people update the tenology and make it’s even cooler and amazing. 

Past and Present Day

Image result for old carRelated imageImage result for washing machine in the past

Image result for carImage result for phoneImage result for washing machine


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