Chapter 7

Industrialization and Urbanization of the United States

Can you imagine if they were no factory in the past? There pro and cons about Industrialization revolution. Industrialization leads Urbanization to the economic growth and job opportunity to the worker and to the country. Industrialization began in the 1700s when factory start to build and people started to move into town and create a big city, Urban growth also increase more populations many babies were born in the town, lesser people who die. The worker started to learn how to use the machine, but don’t you guys know that factory uses a lot of natural resources so that created pollution, global warming. Now let go watch some introduction of the video.

As the factory built the worker are getting pay lesser and some are overworking and they are not getting any holiday to rest. But right now the worker is getting pay enough they got pay equally, no dangerous condition for the worker to deal with. People started to come into the city and this makes a lot of money for the city because they have a thing that makes people want to buy, for example, technology is invented the computer, the phone, Internet, the washing machine and air conditioner. Of course, if people see they’re going to buy them, so they get a lot of profit more than $1000 per day. They make our life easier than the pass which I think it’s a good thing.

When they are more people of course car were built, train and subways were also built to transport easily but if there are many people they will create a traffic jam. But some of the countries may build like BTS or subways to help the traffic situation. The building was built, people are getting a lot more job the second classes now have more ability to work in a good place. They don’t need to face a dangerous problem like before. The Industrialization period changes the world people are getting more time to take care of them self, they have a washing machine, so the house has a machine that can clean a plate by themselves. Many events were create in this time, so people usually go hang out with a friend and having fun.

Now the earth is getting hot, oil is all over the water kill a lot of living thing. Because of the factories using a lot of natural resources, make our healthy getting worse, for me, our earth is facing a big problem, right now people can find the ways to solve the problem but fewer people who follow and protect the earth. So if we help each other our earth gonna get well again.

At last for me Industrialization is a good thing we make the working condition better than the pass, economic is getting better, trade with other countries to make more money to our country. People are getting time to rest more and make everything easier for transportation, communicating and stuff. But I don’t want everyone to stuck in this society, we can still make our world east by not using a lot of technology because it’s may cause you to have a lesser friend you played a lot of technology and not going out to have fun with your friend.

More information about Global Warming

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