Chapter 2

The Different Between the natives and colonists 

The Native Americans or (Indigenous people) and the colonists were Cultural dissonance. The Native believed that the land was shared by everyone and not one person could own it as the colonists did. Also, the Native American had an animistic religion, they which animals had godlike qualities but colonists were mostly Christian and monotheistic. African slaves were separated very far from Africa, so they forgot their cultures and faced cultural genocide.

Indian Fever

The European colonists spread they old world disease. At first, the Europeans first came to the New World, they brought a germ and killed lots of people. It’s also killed the Indians who didn’t even see the white people because the Indians take the germ and so the other Indian got the deceased and these called the Indian fever.”

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830, authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders.  The removal was supposed to be voluntary, removal became mandatory whenever the government thought necessary. And that slowly make the Indian that stays in the southeastern moved to the west. The first removal treaty to follow the passage of the Indian Removal Act was with the Choctaw Nation.

Slave Trade

Britain became the world’s leading slave trading power in the middle passage. It’s estimated that British ships were responsible for the forced transportation of at least 2-3 million Africans in that century. The starting of the slave trade is when the Portuguese first sailed down the Atlantic African coast in the 1430s, they were interested in one thing “gold”. And in 1500, they had already traded 81,000 Africans to Europe, nearby Atlantic islands, and to Muslim merchants in Africa. 


  • Europe to Africa
  • Africa to the Americas
  • Americas back to Europe.

What do the slaves do?

The slaves that were Oppression to be slaves have two types. One is the field slaves and second are house slaves. The one that is house slave is not too tired because their take care of the owner of the house but the field slaves needs to work from sunrise to sunset and have only fifty-minute break per day. And maybe there are Reservations of slaves who you want them to work with.

Slave Trade End

First Denmark in 1803, and Britain in 1807, and then other countries in Europe and the Americas get rid of the transatlantic slave trade for a variety of reasons including changes in the economic requirements. But an illegal trade continued for many years, and slavery itself was not removed in some countries until the 1880s.

What is cultural genocide?

Cultural genocide is the systematic dissolution of traditions, values, language, and other elements which make one group of people distinct from other groups. As early as 1944, lawyer Raphael Lemkin distinguished a cultural component of genocide, which since then has become known as “cultural genocide”. It’s was used to protest against the destruction of cultural heritage

Jim Crow Laws

The segregation and disenfranchisement laws are known as “Jim Crow”. The codified system of national apartheid that dominated the American South for three-quarters of a century beginning in the 1890s.  The law affected almost every people and mandating division of schools, parks, libraries, drinking fountains, restrooms, buses, trains, and restaurants. The Whites Only and Colored signs were constant reminders of the forced national order.

Also at the time the black received separate but equal treatment under the law but  public facilities for blacks were nearly always under to those for whites

Black Lives Matter

Balck lives matter is to stop violence to include all of the ways in which Black people are intentionally left powerless at the hands of the state and basic human rights and dignity. 

What is the current state of conditions in the United States regarding African Americans?

  • Right now the Black America Is Just 72.2 Percent Equal To White American, the increases of the equality just increase two percent since 2015, which it’s not that equal to the Native America.

Key Terms
Native Americans = a group people who were native to the Americas before the Europeans arrived.
Indigenous people = the native people.
Cultural dissonance = conflicts that are experienced by people in the middle of changes to their culture.
Assimilation = the process of accepting new ideas or a similarity
“Indian Fever” = the diseases that European brought back and killed the Native Americans.
Reservations = a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval     Indian Removal Act = Andrew Jackson’s actions of sending Native Americans away to the west.
Cultural genocide = an extinction of a culture.
Slavery = the system of using slaves.
Middle Passage = the sea routes of the African shipments to the Americas.
Slave Trade = the trading of the worker.
Jim Crow Laws = Laws that were against black people in the 19th century.
Segregation = Separation of people.
Oppression = Cruel or unfair treatments that exist for a long time.
Black Lives Matter = A movement against racism and violence towards black people.

Creative Self-Reflection
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